Driving insights from data with ethics.
We unlock value from complex data through specialized AI, ML & Quantatative Analytics , quality processes, and a dedication to ethical data use.
About ErgoSum / X Labs
As a specialized team focused on time-series, market intelligence, and associated data, we leverage modern techniques in machine learning, predictive modeling, and cloud infrastructure to deliver end-to-end solutions. Our experience spans from preliminary quantitative analysis to real-time market insights.

With proven proprietary algorithms and enhanced open source tools, we provide services ranging from data engineering to model development and deployment on both cloud and hybrid infrastructure suited for high-frequency processes.

Our offerings include forecasting, backtesting, parameter optimization, analytics, and technical advisory spanning data acquisition, storage, compliance, quality, security, and responsible AI/ML application.

As a nimble yet experienced team, we believe in having both width in capabilities and depth in specializations, allowing us to drive meaningful impact where it matters most.
Who we are?

We are a virtual consultancy, we believe in empowering you with proven blueprints, detailed DIY materials, and flexible engagement models to build autonomous capabilities in data, analytics, and quantitative finance. Our mission is to transfer knowledge rather than create dependency. We provide thoroughly researched solutions, code, and tutorials catered across skill levels. You can progress at your own pace with access to real-time support sessions, on-site visits, or ongoing mentoring to clarify concepts, answer questions, and address challenges.

Pre-rendered Consulting
Chief Executive Officer

Fully customized analytical solutions, predictive models, infrastructure architectures, and technical implementations developed end-to-end by our experts based on the specifics and complexities of your use case.

Access to Code
Digital Creative Director

Expansive libraries of annotated code samples, Jupyter notebooks, full modules, production grade scripts, and templates covering latest techniques which teams can study, reuse, and repurpose to accelerate your own developments.

Documentation & Articles
Technical Director

Structured learning paths containing comprehensive written guides, visual tutorials, detailed explanations of concepts, and in-depth reference manuals tailored to different skill levels within client teams for self-service learning.

Human Interaction

Flexible modes of real-time expert support including working sessions, remotemcclain meetings, on-premise visits and embedding within teams to directly train personnel, clarify concepts, mentorship and real-world advice.

Our services
Our specialized services target responsible and high-impact extraction of value from time-series and associated data through an integrated approach across data, models, infrastructure, insights, enablement and education.

sData Engineering & Architecture

We build specialized data pipelines, warehouse, validate, and monitor data while ensuring regulatory compliance, security, quality and responsible use.

#Analytics & Business Insights

Our offerings uncover trends, patterns, and opportunities within time-series data and business context to drive growth, risk mitigation, and decision making.

;Model Development & Deployment

We rapidly develop, rigorously test, continuously improve and seamlessly deploy analytical models into production leveraging scalable infrastructure.

?Cloud & Infrastructure

We architect low-latency, scalable technology infrastructure on both cloud and hybrid environments suited for securely unlocking value from data.

^Advisory & Enablement

We provide expert guidance to optimize use of data, analytics, and technology while enabling organizations to sustainably build their own capabilities.

qEducation & Training

We conduct training programs and workshops to skill up teams on key aspects of data science, machine learning, cloud, and analytical rigor.

Contact Us
We welcome the opportunity to discuss your challenges and explore potential partnerships. Our flexible engagement models allow us to collaboratively build the right data, analytics, and quantitative finance capabilities for your needs - whether you require fully rendered solutions or just some guidance to progress independently. Reach out so we can discover how our virtual consultancy can successfully empower your team.